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Reusable soya wax food wraps.
Handmade by me from 100% cotton coated with soya wax, these can replace using cling film or foil and are sustainable, eco friendly,reusable, washable and breathable. They are also really pretty!

Available in a pack of 3:

-2 x medium (25x25cms - ideal for storing snacks & sandwiches)

-1 x large (40x40 cms- for covering most bowls & food containers).

Before use, use the heat of your hands to soften them up. Do not use on raw meat and fish. Avoid all heat sources, like dishwasher, microwave or oven. Care for your wraps by simply wiping down with damp cold cloth and air dry. Store folded upright in a clean dry place.

Packs are available in blue, red, green or pink and patterns may vary from those pictured. 

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